The new guy in the office.
Hey, guys! I'm Kent Marcane. I'm a fully-trained Reaper for the Manhattan dispatch, but due to training protocol, I've been stationed in England to learn more tricks of the trade. I'm nothing special really, but I've been told that for a youngster, I've got grit. Not too sure what they mean by that. (Kuroshitsuji OC) [[MAGIC ANON: NONE.]]


Ronald: Ronald is Kent’s mentor, the one who stood up for him his first couple of days and took him in. They act more like little brother and big brother than coworkers and Kent is very loyal to him.

Another Ronald: This Ronald is less of an authority figure to Kent. While still being someone to look up to, Ronald’s more of the guy to sit around and exchange stupid ideas with and then do them during breaktime. 

Grell: Kent considers Grell the perfect person to come to if he needs advice and someone to talk to. While Kent wouldn’t say ‘Mama’, he does consider Grell as a parental figure to him. Grell is the number one person he will run to when something upsets him.

William: William is Daddy William. He’s the one who wisely steps in when Kent sneaks around with his skateboard. Kent does a little bit of childish making-fun of him behind his back, but it’s all in good humor. 

Another William: Kent respects this William as a superior, along with being intimidated by him. He does his best to respond to strict conversations calmly and maturely but sometimes emotion and heart gets the best of him.

Alois: It’s only natural that sweet, innocent Kent doesn’t quite know what to do with snobby, smirky Alois Trancy. Their relationship is somewhere between ‘Tolerating each other’ and acquaintances. 

Sebastian: Sebastian was one of the first people Kent really met when exploring London. Kent crash-landed into the Phantomhive Gardens on his way to a meet-up, after which Sebastian had to grudgingly give the kid a ride to the meet-up point. After more encounters that didn’t help their relationship as demon and reaper, Sebastian hates him and Kent is just a tad scared of him.