The new guy in the office.
Hey, guys! I'm Kent Marcane. I'm a fully-trained Reaper for the Manhattan dispatch, but due to training protocol, I've been stationed in England to learn more tricks of the trade. I'm nothing special really, but I've been told that for a youngster, I've got grit. Not too sure what they mean by that. (Kuroshitsuji OC) [[MAGIC ANON: NONE.]]


Full Name: Kenton Nathaniel Marcane

Nickname: Kent, often patronized as Kenty-boy. 

Birthday: August 9th, 1964

Age: 48

Apparent Age: 17-18

Orientation: Bisexual

Fears: Pyrophobia (fear of fire) and Hemophobia (fear of large amounts of blood).

Likes: Black coffee, skateboarding, people trusting him, being praised. 

Dislikes: People who pick on others, extreme violence or gore, being put on the spot, being ignored or abandoned. 

Division/Branch/Department: USA, Manhattan, Soul Collections

Hair: Occasionally varies. Always brown and messy, with accents, highlights, tips or layering of green. (He had the green when his body was put through the reaper process, so it never really washes out completely, even when changing his appearance.)

Height: Around five foot seven.

Kent is a young reaper enrolled in the National Division Exchange. Originally from the Manhattan Dispatch (a relatively small Dispatch compared to London’s), he’s facing the challenges of being a little fish in a big shark tank. He’s sweet-tempered and quick-footed, mostly always choosing to flee before fight. Because of his nature he can be a bit of a pushover and reluctant to stand up for himself, but wastes no time in standing up or fighting for the people he cares about.