The new guy in the office.
Hey, guys! I'm Kent Marcane. I'm a fully-trained Reaper for the Manhattan dispatch, but due to training protocol, I've been stationed in England to learn more tricks of the trade. I'm nothing special really, but I've been told that for a youngster, I've got grit. Not too sure what they mean by that. (Kuroshitsuji OC) [[MAGIC ANON: NONE.]]


About Kent
  1. Kent has a natural need to please people and gain their approval. He hates it when people are disappointed in him.
  2. As a human, Kent had five older brothers. He doesn’t remember this, but it’s the reason why he gets attached to the other Reapers. 
  3. He LOVES strong coffee. His starbucks regular alone is a 24oz, black French roast with three shots of espresso, and even then he complains about it being a tad weak. (People joke that all this caffeine could be why he’s so short.)
  4. He’s quite a talented artist, but he’s not really involved in art. There are sketches of the other reapers and of scenes from cinematic records on his paperwork clipboard. 
  5. Grell is his favorite person to sketch, because it gives him the opportunity to break out the red pens and pencils that he never uses. 
  6. He’d like to become Sebastian’s friend, because he does sort of think that he’s a nice guy, but it’s clear that Sebastian doesn’t like him very much. 
  7. His balance is flawless, to the point where he can balance his morning coffee on the tip of his index finger without struggle. Still, this doesn’t stop him from being suddenly tripped or knocked down. 
  8. He’s definitely not as strong as the other reapers, but when he’s pushing himself, he’s a speedster. 
  9. He lacks the mental drive to seriously wound someone in a fight. He doesn’t see the point in it, and he just can’t do it.
  10. The first time he saw Grell reap a soul, he nearly fainted. So much blood and gore. Everywhere.
  11. He boards at the Trainee Facilities. Due to his foreign exchange reaper status, he has his own room. 
  12. Kent is bisexual, but he’s just so shy around cute guys and girls that he hasn’t gotten a chance to do much flirting at all. And thus he’s never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend.
  13. Unlike a lot of the reapers, Kent doesn’t really like music you can dance to. He prefers a lot of the ‘mullet rock’ types. 
  14. It’s likely that he probably couldn’t really understand Ronald that well the first time they spoke, due to his thick cockney accent. 
  15. A year or two ago, Kent snuck into his Dispatch to find out more about how he had died. There wasn’t anything of particular interest in his folder, but he did find a scorched, blackened ring that had belonged to him before he’d died. The Dispatch must not check files often, because he still wears it to this day. 
  16. Kent was consolidated as a Reaper when he was quite young. The higher-ups didn’t find this to be a good thing, so they held him in suspended life/death until he was (physically and mentally) eleven or twelve.
  17. No one taught Kent how to “be a Reaper.” He woke up from suspension on the shores of Manhattan, with no memory of himself other than his name, and he discovered his strengths and abilities on his own. No one ever really taught him who to dislike and who to like, which is why he’s so soft-hearted towards the people he meets, regardless of species.
  18. During actual training, Kent received: An A in Ethics, a B in practical skills (His three practical grades being a F, an A, and a B), and due to his exam anxiety, a C in the written portion. 
  19. Kent once tried to cut the green out of his hair. When he woke up in the morning, his hair tips had turned green again. It’s pretty much inevitable. 
  20. Kent “adopted” a demon hound. Named Indy, he’s still a puppy. He’s blond with orange eyes, and in his human form looks around thirteen or fourteen. He stays back at Kent’s room in the Boarding Facilities.

About Shinigami

  1. Shinigami can see the names and status of a person over their head. Kent calls it a Life Label. 
  2. Shinigami can either be born as Reapers or made into them after dying a human death. Born-Shinigami have less emotion than Shinigami that were once human.
  3. They have full forms, like demons. But it completely reverses the Reaper’s personality. 
  4. Touching living things with their bare hands will kill them, so Shinigami wear gloves. 
  5. They have animal forms.
  6. Most Shinigami are naturally good dancers, even William. 
  7. There is a specific spot almost directly between Ronald’s office, Grell’s office, and Kent’s cubicle. Sometimes they’ll all meet up at that spot and bum around, and when William shows, they all have easy access back to their workspaces. 
  8. During a paperwork distribution day, Kent managed to knock over four stacked boxes of paperwork. Every distribution day since then, the other reapers have banished Kent to an empty box filled with packing peanuts for his own safety. 
  9. The Shinigami realm exists in a spot that is sort of loose on the timestream, so objects are often a mixture of technology and old-time gadgets. Hence, the typewriters and Grell’s chainsaw. 
  10. A reaper’s heart only beats in the presence of extreme emotions. (Headcanon by mischievous-shinigami.)
  11. The Practical Skills portion in America is classified by: Partnership, Physical Skills, and Resourcefulness. 
  12. Quite like the military, the American reapers have dogtags with their name and division on them. They’re required by regulations to wear it at all times on a simple chain. 
  13. They can change their appearance at will. Most of them find it useful to have a human form. 
  14. Reapers can remain invisible to humans if they want to, sometimes each other if the will to disappear is strong enough.