The new guy in the office.
Hey, guys! I'm Kent Marcane. I'm a fully-trained Reaper for the Manhattan dispatch, but due to training protocol, I've been stationed in England to learn more tricks of the trade. I'm nothing special really, but I've been told that for a youngster, I've got grit. Not too sure what they mean by that. (Kuroshitsuji OC) [[MAGIC ANON: NONE.]]


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"Excuse me, do you know where I can find a Miss Grell?" The junior teased from behind a small bunch of red roses in time for Valentine's Day. "You see, I've been away for way too long, and I'm sure she's gotten prettier since I saw her last. I might not recognize her." Kent grinned.


"You delightful little Reapling, you! Though not such a Reapling anymore, I see~. These are lovely, thank you!"

"Aw, no problem. The roses are the least I can do for not getting around to stopping by." He shrugged. "Eh, it’s probably just the hair. I think I’m done growing for now. What’ve you been up to, huh?"

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Kuroshitsuji - Happy Valentine’s Day by Hodremlin


Kuroshitsuji - Happy Valentine’s Day by Hodremlin

  #Tag: My senior's real pretty.  


What if the new season is just Ronald. Just everything Ronald Knox. He films the whole season from a camera like a web show and everything’s about him.

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  #Tag: My boss is real serious.    #Tag: My mentor's real awesome.    #Tag: My senior's real pretty.  
  #Tag: My boss is real serious.  
  #Tag: My mentor's real awesome.  
  #Tag: My mentor's real awesome.    #Tag: My senior's real pretty.